Robotics Solution

Where high throughput of final products are expected from every industries, Robotics are designed and deployed to take over labour intensive and repetitive operation. With wide selection of robots, we carry robots that cover virtually all payload ranges and robot types, and sets standards in the field of human-robot collaboration (HRC). We select and program the suitable robots to meet each individual special operation and industries to improve your manufacturing and warehouse efficiency.

We provide robots solution which makes it possible for small and medium-sized companies to deploy robots cost-effectively.

Type of robotic solution (KUKA)

•Six-axis robots with virtually any reach and payload capacity

•Heat, dirt and water-resistant robots

•Welding robots

•High-accuracy robots

•Robots for Automation industries, Clean room Solution

CAE has years of experience programming robots to complete a variety of tasks. Our engineers have the experience and the talent to provide the best solutions to fit your needs. Our objective is to provide the best possible service, while providing cost effective solutions.

We have used robots in many application areas, such as food and beverage industry for dipping and frying process, automation production line pick and place process, shipyard grit blasting and spray painting, etc.

Robots are also can be used in many application areas, such as material handling, loading, and unloading of machines, palletizing and depalletizing, spot and arc welding.

We are able to customize and program your manufacturing equipment that fits your budget and your needs, as well as upgrading your existing system. If you have a considering project, let us provide you with the best service available.